Under the concept of administrative law, there is a set of legal rules and principles governing relations between the state (the counterparty is a state body, a local authority, a holder of public authority) and individuals (a natural or artificial person). The state in this field acts as a bearer of authority, it is superior to individuals, therefore it is even more important that the individual has the appropriate legal representation of a lawyer or a law firm, which is recognized in the field, both in content and in procedural terms.

People are dealing with the administrative procedure on a daily basis. At birth, weddings or deaths, when registering in the register of parents, at the expiry of the validity of a personal document, the acquisition of a building permit, a request for social assistance and many other life situations.

In the field of administrative law fall, for example, tax procedures, inspection procedures, procedures for issuing construction and operating permits, procedures for acquiring citizenship of the Republic of Slovenia, permits for permanent or temporary stay in the Republic of Slovenia, work permits in the Republic of Slovenia, concession procedure, procedures for exercising rights from public funds (kindergarten subsidy, state scholarship, child allowance, social assistance …), tax procedure, etc.

Administrative procedures are usually simple and can be done by the parties themselves, but the process can be complicated either because of the ignorance of the party or because of the negligence of the state or municipal authorities. In such cases, it is necessary to act swiftly and effectively before it is necessary to prove their rights in the court. It is extremely important that, at the first stage of the procedure, the party lists all important and crucial facts before the administrative body, otherwise they can’t be invoked later in the administrative dispute proceedings.