Criminal law is a set of legal rules and legal principles defining criminal offenses, criminal responsibility and criminal sanctions.

A suspected offender is considered innocent until proven guilty according to law. The right to silence is therefore the most effective defense at the very beginning of pre-trial and criminal proceedings. You refer to the right to remain silent and immediately request a lawyer. Contact us. Our office is at your disposal 24 hours a day. Call +386 40 828 630.

The quality of our defense depends on how you have detailed the circumstances of the alleged offense. Even if you are undoubtedly proven guilty, we try to achieve the smallest possible punishment by citing attenuating circumstances. If we find out that the prosecution has solid, legitimate and credible evidence, in order to avoid a long-standing tortious criminal procedure, usually associated with the media attention of the case, we are negotiating with the prosecution the lowest punishment and costs of criminal proceedings.

We also efficiently represent the victims of criminal offenses in the criminal procedure itself, stating their perception of the criminal case, proposing their evidence and setting up a claim for compensation against the perpetrator of the crime. This is usually followed by a civil action for damages, since the criminal court rarely decides on a claim for damages.

We represent offenders of all criminal acts, especially in criminal acts: light or serious bodily injury, fraud, business fraud, robbery, theft, extortion, misuse of execution, abuse of position, damage to creditors, reprimand, offensive accusation, defamation, execution, etc..

We also prepare and file a criminal complaint on your behalf on the grounds of suspicion of a criminal offense by a known or unknown offender.