Commercial law is a broad and complex branch of law that regulates the legal status of business entities, their internal organization and their interrelations in the circulation of goods and services on the market.

Every company needs legal aid. Problems can arise already in the phase of setting up a company or later, when you want to change anything in the company or liquidate it.

In the field of commercial law we deal with company, tax and competition law. We also prepare general (cession contracts, brokerage agreements, business cooperation contracts …) and autonomous commercial contracts (building contract, construction supervision contract, engineering agreement, commission agency contract, brokerage contract, shipping contract…). Extremely important is legal aid already in the process of negotiating and concluding of the contract. Good foundation is essential for success in business and with good foundation we can avoid disputes in later phases. Business disputes not only imply cost burden to the company, but they also imply huge time lags, which can often be fatal in business. In our firm, we advise you what is best for you and your company in a given situation, and we also provide assistance in the making of all types of contracts.

In case of a dispute, we offer appropriate extrajudicial and judicial representation. We also offer representation of companies in administrative procedures, i.e. in disputes with state authorities, local community bodies, in inspection procedures and procedures for obtaining building and other permits and approvals.