The law firm Tršan, as the successor of the Tršan Law Firm, has been operating since 1991. It operates as a classical law firm. The company was founded by lawyer Dušan Tršan, who has been in the law since 1991. From the beginning he has been focused on building an effective law firm that always serves the interests of the client.

In our work, all employees strive for excellence and professionalism. We tend to gain the trust of our clients through a thorough and comprehensive examination of the individual case and a multifaceted presentation of possible solutions both from the perspective of Slovenian and European law.

Our approach includes detailed knowledge of law, extensive experience and a creative approach to resolution of a conflict. With excellence in these three areas – knowledge, experience and creativity – we are able to solve even the most demanding disputes. Changes are the only constant, therefore we place great emphasis on continuous improvement of employees. Only this is how we keep up-to-date with changes in the legislation and the legal practice of the courts.

Legal services are personal services. The relationship with each client is important. The relationship between the Law firm Tršan and the client is strictly confidential. We provide legal assistance to individuals, entrepreneurs and companies.

Due to many years of experience and wide practice we can offer complete legal services in all areas. We represent clients in civil, commercial, criminal, administrative, misdemeanor, labor and social affairs. We offer comprehensive legal assistance in enforcement, compensation and inheritance matters, we also make contracts, wills and other documents necessary for the successful realization of legal transactions.

We are aware that the law is complicated, so it is our job to communicate in a simple language.